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What is Active Works?

Active Works is a project management and contracting company with a primary focus on residential housing and infrastructure. But we are more than that, we are a qualified delivery machine in a number of different disciplines and areas: Construction, Engineering, Project Management, Infrastructure & Development. 

At Active Works, things are always in order. Building and contracting processes works, project management, technology and construction works. Just like planning, communication, execution and timely completion. Active Works is an expansion of Active Entreprenad, a construction and property development company founded in Stockholm in 2005. Our goals are far from modest, and we expect the highest of standards from our employees and sub-contractors in order to deliver quality results. Traditional values such as loyalty and responsibility are joined together with knowledge and ambition to form a solid and sustainable foundation.

Uncompromising is a term seen by some as hard-headed and negative. But it’s a matter of perspective. We are stubborn and committed to success, and rarely compromise our obligations. We are, however, perceptive and stand humble for the fact that there may be others with greater knowledge. We expect the same grit and attitude from our clients, our suppliers and co-workers. That’s the way Active Works.

Active Works Philosophy


We don’t complicate things. We do what we say. And sometimes we say it before our client says it – we are proactive and bold.

At Active Works we are genuinely passionate about creating results. We do today what others put up for tomorrow. We secure the best way forward to reach our goal, and we never take shortcuts. We keep things simple. But simple doesn’t mean easy, and we apply the same rules to ourselves as to our partners and staff. We meet and treat each other with honesty, openness and professional respect. No fuzz. We see possibilities where others see problems. When something is good, we try to make it better. We ask tough questions about seemingly simple things to rule out that garbage in becomes garbage out. We do our homework diligently and carry out tasks that are supported by sound calculations and sober judgement.

Looking at our graphic identity, you’ll see the image of a mountain. The imagery speaks volumes. Most people can climb a mountain, or at least 90% of it. The last push to the top is the hardest, but without climbing you will not reach the summit.

Wind farm

Active Works – Divisions

The company is constituted from various divisions (or disciplines) that will perform tasks involving other parts of the company or work independently on a project of its own. Every division has its own identity and reason for being, each with a core competence in its respective field and an important role in the big picture.


It all starts with a thought. And a drawing board. We have in-house competence and will develop the project from idea to finished product – and realise the project for our client.


Project development often involves contact with authorities and institutions, discussions about zoning plans and building permits. We have solid experience from independently conducted projects in close collaboration from the initial stages.

Project management

Active Works is a project management enterprise. We plan and prepare, procure, record, and lead the work from start to finish. Or assist in the parts of the project that suits the customer.


One of our largest projects is the foundation works for one of northern Europes biggest wind farms. A project that is highly demanding with regard to regulatory quality compliance, extensive procurement and efficient leadership. We may not be the biggest firm on the market, but we are indeed the most efficient.


Great attention is given to technical competence and experience, in order to assist our clients with maximum know-how and value. Our engineers understand our client’s business, a quality that, in the eye of our client, makes us a little faster and a little smarter.


Now and then our clients lack resources of their own, or they want to cherry-pick a specific competence for a shorter period of time. We are available to shoulder a consulting role – long term or for pinpointed tasks.


Instead of telling everything, we choose to display a few ongoing projects.

Nysäter Wind Farms

Client: Nordex Online Gmbh(E-on)
Complete foundation works for a wind farm comprising 73 turbines.

Housing Project Nynäshamn

Client: Obos Sweden

Engelmarken Housing – Skokloster

Client: Trygghem Property Development

Wind farms


There is currently a lot going on. Consequently, we are looking for Project Managers, Project Engineers, Mechanical Engineers, Supervisors and bunch of other people with the right mind and a will to “slip their boots on”.

If you’d like to learn more about us, or interested in discussing a future career, please contact us or submit your resumé.

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